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Postal Workers Refuse to Deliver Mail Citing Religious Reasons

Israeli Post Office LogoAt the beginning of last week one organization tried to send Hebrew translations of the New Testament and other Christian propaganda through the mail.

As objectionable as this material is to many Jewish Israelis, Israeli law allows its distribution. As a consequence of freedom of religion, people have the right chose their religion and to live according to their religious life style. They also have the right to disseminate literature about their beliefs. There are anti-missionary laws on the books but they only apply when actions interfere with freedom of choice. Offering financial incentives for conversion is subject to fines and/or up to five years imprisonment. Encouraging conversion of a minor is punishable for up to six months in jail.

None-the-less postal workers in Ramat Gan decided to take matters in their own hands. Believing that the material was against Halacha, Continue reading

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