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Kletzmer Wedding Dance: Briogaz Tanz (Dispute Dance)

Interviewer: What is this about?

The Band: The Two guys they go to make a fight.

Interviewer: Why fight? Is it over love or romance or what?

The Band: Ooo. It’s many reasons. Because they are Jewish friends. You know, Jewish friends cannot be unless you fight with them from time to time. And then he kills him. And to bring him back to life are the songs. And then they are friends forever….you can see …. until next time.

Despite all the tensions we find between Jews of different streams and sects, may the music of our souls always bring us back each other in peace.

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This is Unity by Y-Love

Y-love (Yitz Jordan) is a black Jewish hip-hop musician who converted to Judaism in 1999. He says music has been a mode of spirituality his entire life, include even while he was in Israel studying in yeshiva. While in Yeshiva he and his chavruta (study-partner) used hip-hop as part of the way they learned Talmud and Jewish thought. (see )

This song is part of a campaign by Y-love and the ShemSpeed record label to promote diversity and respect of differences within the Jewsish community. The video includes women and men and Jews of many cultures and races.

For more about Y-love see:
Y-Love’s website:

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