Yes We Canaan: Breaking Free by the Ein Prat Fountainheads

The Ein Prat Fountainheads is a group of students and graduates from the Ein Prat Academy in Ein Prat Israel. Here is their latest music video.

The group began Chanukah 2010 when 20 students and graduates of the Ein Prat Academy got together to put together a video put together for the school Channuka party. It went over so well that they decideed to do another video for Purim 2011, this time with 100 people involved. Currently the travelling group has about 9 members but many more are involved in each video.

They put the Purim video up on Youtube for friends and family. The family and friends video went viral. The strong public response crystalized the students and graduates into a performing group. They have been making holiday videos and touring ever since. Shani Lachmish one of the group’s lead singers described the group’s goal in an interview with Shalom Life in May of last year (2011):

Our goal is to produce fun and meaningful music videos that put smiles on people’s faces and help them connect with their Jewishness in new ways. We also want to showcase the diverse, vibrant and highly-engaged Israeli-Jewish identity that is emerging in our generation of Israelis today,” said Shani Lachmish, graduate of Ein Prat and one of the lead singers of the group.

Their videos for Rosh haShanna also received a warm response. “Dip Your Apple”, a takeoff on Shakira’s Waka Waka, was Israel’s top You Tube video for 2011. At last count it had nearly 2 million views.

The initial videos were all take-offs on world pop hits. Since Rosh haShannah they have been moving into new territory by using original compositions. Both their Chanukah video and the video above releasd for Pesach 2012 are original compositions by Ben R., the director and co-producer of their 2011 Rosh haShannah video. Lyrics for the new video are available on You Tube (click through to the video and then expand the “See More” tab).

Their next Israeli concert will be in Jerusalem on April 10, 2011 at the Beit Avi Chai center in Jerusalem. They also have a US Tour planned for May 13-24, 2012. For list of appearances or to book a concert see .


Ein Prat Fountainheads on Facebook
Ein Prat Fountainheads on YouTube
Ein Prat Fountainheads on Twitter

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