Toldot Aharon: Kudos for Taking a Stand

Admor of Toldot Aharon

In the middle of Februaray Shmuel Pappenheim, a Toldot Aharon Hassid who has been working to help Haredim get into the workforce, was beaten up by members of his synagogue when he attempted to go to Friday night prayers. They were angry about an interview he gave to HaAretz at the end of last December (2011). The attack began with demands he leave his shul, followed by name calling. When he refused to leave, the attack became physical. He was beaten all over his body, resulting in a broken shoulder.

So often rabbis in the Haredi community are unwilling to take a stand, but not this time. The Admor of Toldot Aharon called for the community to distance themselves from the attackesrs and convened a special meeting of the community council. According to Tzedek-Tzedek , reporting several days later,

The Toldos Aharon rabbinic leadership has come out strongly against the attackers and are implementing sanctions against the attackers.

Abuse is never justified and it is good to see Jews taking a stand.

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One thought on “Toldot Aharon: Kudos for Taking a Stand

  1. Prayers for Shmuel Pappenheim and blessings to the Admor of Toldot Aharon.

    P.S. More people should research the incredible life of Bertha Pappenheim, who BTW is related to Shmuel. I first found out about her in 1995 and she is one of my favourite people of all time. She is in my top ten list with : Moses; Joseph; Isaiah; Jeremiah; Mar Samuel; Maimonides; Vilna Gaon; The Kotzker Rebbe and Mahatma Gandhi. Someone should make a film about her life story, but it is incredibly controversial and most producers prefer safer ground.

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