Countdown to Purim, 5772: Parody and Counter-Parody

Last year, the Macabeats produced a snappy Purim video which somehow managed not to feature even one adult woman. Esther was a three year old baby. There were two brief frames with girls about 6 and 9. And that was it for a story where the (s)hero of the day was a woman.

Two women decided to remedy the situation with a video of their own, with all the characters being women.

To their credit, the Maccabeats do seem to recognize the problem. The two videos they’ve put out for 5772 (2011-2012) have both an adult woman, more than one in fact. (Rosh HaShanna and Hannukah )

This year’s Rosh HaShanna video shows a woman sharing a meal and the entire women’s section davening (praying) in Shul during High Holiday services. The Hanukhah video features three adult women. One even appears to be lighting a menorah of her own, though we don’t actually see her do it. Her husband hands her the shamesh and she turns off screen and reaches out as if … Another is dressed in tie and what looks like a black velvet kippah.  She actually lights her own and is seen learning text to boot! Are these ambiguous images the video version of a machlochet (halakic dispute)?

Mayim Bialik, the one-time child actress, is that third woman. She swears her hat is NOT a kippah. She is very pleased to see a woman learning in a video coming out of the Orthodox world.

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