Price Tag Attack at Hand to Hand School (Again)

Hand to Hand School Playground - Jerusalem

Since our last report on price tag actions, there have been two more attacks both targetted at institutions known for working towards mutual understanding between Jews and Arabs. On Thursday, Peace Now was attacked. Over the weekend, vandals spray painted slogans for a second time at the Hand to Hand school.

On Thursday (February 9), vandals spray-painted a wall outside the offices of Peace Now (שלום עכשיו ) with “No leftists, no terror attacks”. The attack on Peace Now was the ffith within the last 12 months. Staff membe apartments have been sprayed twice with graffiti. This is the third time the peace now offices have been spray painted. There was also a bomb threat in November.

Then over this weekend the Hand to Hand school was attacked for a second time. The Hand in Hand school is run by the Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel. It provides K-12 education to a religiously and ethnically diverse student body that includes Arab and Armenian Christians, secular and traditional Jews, as well as Muslim students. Its curriculum integrates peace education with regular academic studies.

Vandals spraypainted “Death to Arabs” and “Kahane was right” on the play ground. Meir Kahane was a leader of the Israeli Far Right in the 1980s. He advocated the forced deportment of all non-Jews. He was banned from running for the Knesset in 1988 because of his racist and undemocratic attitudes.

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