Revolutionary New Camera Takes Kosher Pictures of Madonna

We’ve heard news of a new KOSHER camera. The camera comes packed with features to simplify all your picture taking needs:

  • automatic detection and blocking of female faces.
  • optional feature to block female animals and fetuses
  • three different options for blocking female faces.: blur mode, paper bag mode, black bar mode
  • photo restoration: adds beards, sheitels, and long skirts and sleeves to photos that no longer match current standards of tzniut.
  • GPS assisted Shabbat shut-down

There are a few features missing, but we’re sure they will be available in the next release. We’ve heard of a head scarf book that could replace female faces with cartoon drawings.  We know of a dating site that has automatic breast reduction.   It would also be nice to have a female blocking mode like the one in a Yiddish elementary school textbook.   For extra modesty, it replaces girls with a box containing the word “נקבה“. (female).

For more information:

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3 thoughts on “Revolutionary New Camera Takes Kosher Pictures of Madonna

  1. Lisa Jeffrey

    You can’t be serious??!! Of course I am not qualified to comment on this, Lisa

    (my husband is a computer scientist and amateur photographer and he might have comments on technical feasibility)

  2. Very clever.

    Is the patent registered ?

    ( :

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