Rainbow in the Night has a Future without Women

“Rainbow in the Night”, a new music video tells the story of a Holocaust survivor in 5 minutes. The film, directed by Director David Finkleman of Chabad, took nearly $100,000 to produce. Finkleman says he produced it so that a new generation with short attention spans could learn about the Holocaust in an environment they were comfortable in, i.e. YouTube. With Holocaust survivors dying out we need to find new ways to tell the story.

It starts in the present with the survivor at a concert, moves quickly back into pre-war Poland, through the getto years, and into the Majdanek concentration camp. It ends showing children in the camp who fade into the children of the present running in joy as a group towards the camera. The final tag line is “We survived. Let’s Unite!”.

The fact that we as a people survived a Holocaust is a very good reason to unite. Each Jew remaining is precious and we can’t afford to hate or disown any of them. And yet ….
As Holocaust remembrance videos go there are two problems: looking at the video one might think that the only Jews in the ghetto were religious Jews and the only children who survived were little boys. The final scene, the one that is supposed to represent, the triumph a next generation growing up in health and safety is a mob of little boys. Not a single little boy is in the picture.

And yet the concentration camp scene clearly shows little boys and girls running together in the far background. Are the only girls and boys that run togeher dead? If this is the vision of a joyous youthful future where are the girls? Where are the girls?

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