Shaike Levi: The Voice of Women

Shaike Levy, an Israeli comedian, singer, and actor, has written a new song to protest efforts to walkouts and banning of women singers.

Earlier, in fall 2011, several men walked out of military ceremony against commanders orders because a woman appeared on stage. The army dismissed five soldiers who refused to apologize. The strong reaction of the army stirred a national debate on the role of women. This was just one of many incidents where men have walked out rather than hear women sing. There have also been many incidents where women have been prevented from taking the stage. Those who walk out say they are doing so for religious reasons, lest they be lustful towards the voice of a woman. Those who are offended, point out that such an attitude denies the humanness of women and reduces their value to a sex object. It implies that the only significant male reaction to women is sexual. No matter how value or important a women’s voice and message are, it pales in significance to her sexuality.

I hear an argument
Is this a country of Jews or Saudi Arabia?
I am really not at all sure….

The voice of women, voice of women
Oy, it is wonderous
Give me the voice over and over

When God is alone
And there are no rabbis near by
In the modern loud speakers?
Then who is there?
The voice of women…

And when the singer appears on stage
And the audience scatters like goats
The God raises God’s eyebrows, God does not understand
What is wrong? ….

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