Two Percent is Too Much

To determine whether or not riders are being forced to sit in segregated sections, Transportation ministry inspectors are boarding mehadrin buses and deliberately sitting in the opposite gender section. They found that in 4.8% of checks, the inspector was asked to move and in 1.3% of checks the rider felt physically threatened. According to MK Yisrael Eichler, chairman of the United Torah Judaism this indicates that there is NO PROBLEM.

No information on whether violence was more or less likely if it was a man in a women’s section or a woman in a man’s section. Are we talking about 1.3% violence equally distributed between men and women? Or a 2.6% (> 1 in 50) risk of violence aimed almost exclusively at women?

Regardless, I’d like to know what civilized society thinks its fine if there is a greater than 1 in 100 risk of violence merely from riding in the wrong section of the bus?

By comparison, the New York city subway has 30 million riders each week. Citywide, on and off the subway, there is there is approx 2000 felony crimes per week and 700 misdemeanor assaults, making for a less than 1 in 10, 000 risk of victimization. Only a small portion of these happen on public transportation, so the actual rate is much less.


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