No More Enabling

From an editorial by David Sable, member of the board of the Jewish Week, “Let Us Stop Enabling Our Jewish Fanatics”:

… the problem isn’t really the radical rabbis. Rather it is so-called Modern Orthodox Jews like me, from the more left wing, open fringes to the more strictly observant black hatters, who have become enablers of the type of violent intolerance that is threatening the democratic foundation of the State of Israel as well as the credibility of our own religion….

Speak up. Demand. Don’t allow your religious leaders to marginalize other Jews or anyone for that matter. Demand accountability for personal behavior and for community standards built on love of Jews and Judaism and not on stringency for the sake of stringency. How many of us criticized President Obama for not walking out on his religious leader when clear lines of decency were crossed? … Understand the continuum of not recognizing Reform Jews, segregating buses by gender, calling Israeli soldiers “Nazis,” turning a blind eye to molestation, traumatizing a 7 year old girl and throwing rocks and eggs at others. It all comes from the same place…an arrogant and twisted interpretation of our religion. And by not stopping each one we are only escalating the issue.

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